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STEADY GANG Celebrates 6 Years by Launching STEADY AAA - A Lifestyle Community for Fans

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

In a gesture of gratitude towards their dedicated fanbase, STEADY GANG has established STEADY AAA, a community for sharing exciting perks and discounts. The inaugural event features their role as brand ambassadors for eAutoGen Capital's car extended warranty program, AutoGen PLUS. Recognizing a lack of automotive knowledge among many Malaysians, the trio has dedicated themselves to becoming a comprehensive "car mechanic encyclopedia." Their efforts in promoting automotive parts warranty also secured exclusive benefits for STEADY AAA loyalists.


As a token of appreciation for their fans joining the STEADY AAA community, STEADY GANG has released a delightful new song titled "买哈 My Heart," promoting the spirit of cherishing loved ones. Whether it's bringing joy to significant others or endorsing products for their fans' happiness, STEADY GANG consistently aims to spread happiness.


Comprising of members Haoren (朱浩仁), Tomato, and Ahya (阿亚), STEADY GANG has not only garnered public affection through daily Vlogs and interactive videos but has also gained a significant following for their creatively humorous original songs such as "你竟然" and "周懂嗎?" with millions of views. The group stands out as a locally distinctive and entertaining musical ensemble.


Beyond their musical endeavors, STEADY GANG occasionally engages in live broadcasts to introduce fans to discounted and high-quality products. Their growing fanbase motivates them to give back, hoping to enhance the daily lives of their supporters. This motivation led to the conceptualization of STEADY AAA, a community sharing fantastic deals.


With the launch of STEADY AAA, the group embarked on their first initiative as brand ambassadors for eAutoGen Capital's AutoGen PLUS car extended warranty program. This warranty program, certified by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) regulations, prompted STEADY GANG to delve into the intricacies of automotive insurance and warranties. Recognizing a widespread lack of local automotive knowledge, they transformed into "car mechanic encyclopedias," creating informative videos to help viewers understand the importance of the endorsed automotive parts warranty and safeguard their rights.


Inspired by their ambassadorship, STEADY GANG also announced the release of a whimsical new song, "买哈 My Heart," celebrating the spirit of cherishing loved ones. The trio believes that women's love for designer handbags is comparable to men's love for supercars — it's not about materialism but rather a difference in spending patterns. They express a unanimous belief that as long as their wives are happy and can afford it, extravagant spending is acceptable. The music video for the song, shot with a million-dollar set featuring luxury items and supercars, is now available on the official STEADY GANG YouTube channel.


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