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Avoid Unexpected Repair Bills With AutoGen PLUS 

These examples are based on an average estimated Malaysia retail repair/replacement cost for a Perodua Myvi. Actual repair costs will vary.


What Is EWP?

A car extended warranty program (EWP) is a yearly service contract which covers the repair and replacement of important car parts and/or components that inevitably break down over time.

Choose Your AutoGen PLUS 

Get peace of mind from knowing that your car's basics (engine and transmission) are covered with AutoGen PLUS Silver, or upgrade to AutoGen PLUS Gold for more comprehensive coverage.

* Special Notice *

For those who have previously purchased AutoGen PLUS policies during Policy Year 2022/2023, please refer to its respective Program Summary and list of Panel Workshop which can be found in the footer section below for further information.

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Car Mechanic

How To Claim 

Zero Upfront Payment Car Repair
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CAR BREAKDOWN - Call the Claim Hotline number at 03-89663582 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm except Public Holidays).

Drivers' Tips: Malaysia's motor insurance are typically inclusive of towing services at zero charges. 

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Step 2: Present AutoGen PLUS Summary

Upon successful activation, your registered email will receive a program summary. Identify yourself as AutoGen PLUS customer by sharing your program summary ID.


Step 3: Collect Fixed Car

Once your car is ready to return to the road, the panel workshop will inform you of collection and pay only the differential price of non-covered repair works, if any.

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