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Why is Car Warranty Important?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

New cars from the factory all come with a factory provided warranty, that usually lasts for a certain amount of years (ranging from 2 to 5 or more years) or a predetermined mileage (20,000 to 50,000km or more). Warranties help protect the owner against factory defects or car problems not caused by the owner.

If your car’s warranty period is still active and the problems are covered under the warranty coverage, you can get your car repaired for free at their certified service centres, whereas for a new car it’s mostly at the manufacturer’s official service centres. There might also be optional insurance plans that owners can opt for, such as accidental damage coverage or natural disaster coverage that owners can pay more for to get more damage coverage for their car, so in the case that something happens they don’t have to pay out a huge sum for repairs.

What about other cars?

Warranties only last for so long, even though some manufacturers do offer extended warranty plans that can extend the warranty of your car for a few more years or kilometres.

But what if your car is too old? Whether you bought a used car or your car has been used long enough that it isn’t covered by the factory warranty anymore?

There are also third-party warranty providers, such as eAutoGen for example, that aims to provide car warranties for those warranties that have expired or aren’t covered by the manufacturer anymore. For a fixed annual plan, these third-party providers can offer coverages similar to those provided by the car manufacturers, and is a viable alternative if you feel the need for insurance in the off-chance that your car breaks down and repairs get too expensive.

The coverage of warranty

Car warranties are not to be confused with car insurance, even though both are quite similar. Car insurance protects you against unexpected or accidental damages to your car, usually in the case of accidents, whereas car warranty protects you from damages that shouldn’t have happened, such as defects or failure in your car that was not caused by external factors.

If you’re reading this and are interested in getting a car warranty for your car not covered under factory warranty anymore, visit eautogen to learn more!


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